Wednesday, September 16, 2015

African Songs and Games for First Graders

First graders were introduced to our unit by learning the "call and response" song, "Kye Kye Kule".
We were able to connect this with the "I Sing, You Sing" songs we have sung since Kindergarten.

Obwisanna is a circle singing game that African children play, most likely using small rocks. We used shaker eggs, as they were more fun!

The Lion Game is another circle singing game that we played. This game uses a rock and is an elimination type of game. We had lots of fun with this one as well!
We could relate these games to ones that American children play!

First graders got to experience playing a collection of African instruments!

We watched a Reading Rainbow video where we were able to see how an African drum is made, as well as demonstrations of other instruments, some of them which we have!

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