Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photos from the First Grade Program

The first graders did a wonderful job with their music program! I love seeing them all dressed up and enjoying music!  Here are some photos from the event!

Monday, February 16, 2015

ALMOST HERE.... First Grade Music Program! February 19!

We are ready!!
The first grade music program is entitled "We Are Making Music", and our songs reflect our learning.  Listen for music opposites, and rhythm work!

On Thursday, Feb. 19, the doors of MPS will be locked until 5:15 PM.

The 5:30 performance includes: Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Rotunno (Meet in ART Room)
Mrs. Brezenski ,and Mrs. Froden (Meet in MUSIC Room)

The 6:30 performance includes: Mrs. Mandli, Mrs. Schimanski  (Meet in the ART Room)
Mrs. Juszczyk, Mrs. Rowley (Meet in MUSIC Room)

Parents please take your child's coat with you to your seat in the Gym.

Looking forward to fun performances!!

February 2 Spartan Star Assembly Performances

Each grade level shared a song at our Spartan Star Assembly on February 2.
5K sang "Reach Out" by Teresa Jennings
1st Grade sang "Big Heart" by Teresa Jennings
2nd Grade sang "Character Tango" by Teresa Jennings

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2nd Grade Program Coming Up!

Our Music Program is fast approaching! The date is Tuesday, February 24, 2015
The informal performance will be held in the Gymnasium at McFarland Primary School. Doors will open at 5:15 PM.
The 5:30 performance will include the following classes:
Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Bailey, Mrs. Wisniewski, Mrs. Jefferson
The 6:30 performance will include the following classes:
Mrs. Adams, Mr. Paley, Mrs. Huber-Drake, Mrs. Garvoille
We are looking forward to an evening of sharing songs and a sound poem with you!


Happy Valentine's Day from 5K
We've had fun singing "Viva Valentine" 
and using the fun letter cards that our TA, Sheryl Leemon, made for us!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Grade Program is Coming SOON!

The First Grade Music program is February 19, 2015!
At 5:30, classes include Mrs. Brezenski’s , Mrs. Knapp’s, Mrs.Rotunno’s, and Mrs. Froden’s
At 6:30, classes include Mrs. Rowley's , Mrs. Juszczyk’s’s, Mrs. Mandli’s, and Mrs. Schimanski’s.
This is an informal performance, giving families a taste of what we do in music class!  Each class will be featured on risers in one song, and sing as backup, sitting on the carpeted floor of the gym for the rest of the songs. Students may dress up for the program, but will want to wear something comfortable for movement. Please take your child’s coat with you to your seat
 Doors to the Primary School will open no earlier than 5:15 pm

The First Grade program is all about "making music". We've learned about music opposites this year, and you will catch a few in our songs. Each class will have something special with their featured song...
Here's a little preview: