Friday, February 28, 2014

Rhythm Trainer for 2nd graders

As an extension learning opportunity for our rhythm unit, second graders are encouraged to work on Rhythm Trainer  and email me results of at least 50 rhythms completed.  My school email is
This is fun, and FREE!  :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So Proud of First Graders!!

Defying flooding in the stairwell from our unpredictable winter weather, the first graders rose to the occasion and gave an amazing performance!!
5:30 Performance
Brezenski, Knapp, Olson, Rotunno

6:30 Performance
Froden, Juszczyk, Mandli, Schimanski

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Grade Music Program Thursday, February 20th!!

Doors to the Primary School will open no earlier than 5:15 pm
At 5:30, classes include Mrs. Brezenski’s , Mrs. Knapp’s, Mrs.Rotunno’s, and Mrs. Olson’s.

At 6:30, classes include Mrs. Froden’s, Mrs. Juszczyk’s’s, Mrs. Mandli’s, and Mrs. Schimanski’s.
This is an informal performance, giving families a taste of what we do in music class!  Each class will be featured on stage in one song, and sing as backup, sitting on the carpeted floor of the gym for the rest of the songs. Students may dress up for the program, but will want to wear something comfortable for movement. Please take your child’s coat with you to your seat

Songs include:  "We Are Making Music" "One Zero Zero"  "Footprints in the Snow"  "If You Build It"  "Winter Fun" "Forever Friends"
If you are interested in purchasing the songs for extra practice for your child, click on this link.  K8 KidTunes

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Second Grade Program (non-professional) Videos

 5:30 Performance
Kramper, Schmidt, Huber-Drake, Bailey

6:30 Performance
Paley, Wisniewski, Garvoille/Beckwith, Adams

Huge thanks to Tom Kellen for video recording!
Simply couldn't be prouder of these 2nd graders!!!