Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Graders Learn About Treble Clef Lines and Spaces

Freddie the Frog and Eli the Elephant
provide a fun way for the students to learn about the Treble Clef!
Further exploration for them:

Another fun way to learn!
Music videos of "Every Good Boy Does Fine" and "FACE"
Plank Road Publishing (K8 Music)

The culminating activity for the unit was the Bean Bag Toss game!
Students are in teams, and each contestant tosses the bean bag onto the treble clef staff rug. Points are given for correct note identification. Students had a lot of fun playing this!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Kindergarten Kids Learn About The Carnival of the Animals, by Camille Saint Saens

by Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas
Heritage Music Press

The Kindergarten kids have enjoyed learning about the different musical themes for each "animal" in Camille Saint Saens "Carnival of the Animals". We worked with a Smart Board interactive program to listen to the musical theme of each, guess the animal, and then reveal.
We also used a movement video and each child will have a coloring sheet book to bring home and share with you!

Second Graders Learn About Melody

Second Graders have been exploring Melody with a "Behind the Scenes" video and Music Ace Maestro Lesson and Game.

Making Group Melodies in First Grade

The First Graders watched the Wee Sing Marvelous Musical Mansion video after their program.
This has been a great favorite of my first grade classes for many years. One part of it is a song that tells exactly how to create a melody. This year, inspired from that song, I created the Melody Group Project lesson, Here are some photos from groups working together and being proud of their melody!
We used the xylophones to hear our ideas while creating, and then to play our melody for the class.
It was a lot of fun, and goes into my plans for next year!!