Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2nd Graders Increase Treble Clef Note Reading Skills

The 2nd grade classes are currently in a competition for the highest percentage after 2 rounds of Note Identification each music class. The class with the highest percentage when the competition ends in May will be rewarded with a Music Game Day!
To build upon their skills, I am also giving the students time at the end of each class to work with note reading apps on their iPads. These are engaging tools that can be used outside of class as well!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kindergarten Prepares for April 27 Program

Kindergarten kids have had "Riser Safety" Training, 
and are getting used to singing on the risers.
We are working hard on our songs for the
 "Seasons of Kindergarten" Music Program on April 27!

Some specific details:
The Kindergarten Music program is April 27, 2016, in the McFarland Primary School gym.
At 5:30, classes include Mrs.Kuehl's, Mrs. Dettlaff's, Mrs. Gray's, and Mrs.Paugel's. (Please do not arrive before 5:15)
At 6:30, classes include Mrs. Cook's, Mrs. Mosso's, Mrs. Heim's, and Mrs. Marking's. (Please do not arrive before 6:15)
This is an informal performance, called "The Seasons of Kindergarten",  giving families a taste of what we've done in music class! Each class will be standing on a colored riser group, and the children will sing all the songs standing on the risers.
5:30 group: 
Kuehl- Red
Dettlaff- Blue
Paugel- Yellow
Gray- Green
6:30 group:
Cook -Red
Heim- Blue
Mosso- Yellow
Marking- Green
You can plan your seating for the best view of your child's class! 
Doors to the Primary School will open no earlier than 5:15 pm!

Freddie the Frog Teaches About the Treble Clef to First Graders

The Freddie the Frog books by Sharon Burch 
are excellent teaching tools for the first grade treble clef staff unit!
The children learn about Treble Clef Island, 
which gives them a "place" to identify each line and space.
Visit Freddie the Frog's website for games and activities...