Saturday, January 24, 2015

The "New Thing" for 2nd grade Final Song...

The Final Song in the Second Grade Music Program is 
"There Is Music" by Teresa Jennings of Plank Road Publishing.
This is a piece I've been wanting to do for a long time, as the lyrics really speak to my heart.
A soloist has been chosen from each class, as well as three other singers to make up 
the "small group". All second graders will join in for the big finish!
 After eating their lunch, the small group singers will be practicing in the music room on Tuesdays from now through February 17. I'm excited to work more in depth with these singers!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Just "Chillin"in Music Class!

Hard to believe that we are halfway through January! Time flies when you're busy and happy!  :)

5K classes are singing snow songs (since we finally have some), hearing snow stories, and working at Groovy Shapes on the Smart Board (our music concept interactive software). We will soon become "rhythm composers" using quarter notes, quarter rests, and beamed eighth note pairs.

1st grade classes are working on rhythm concepts as well as preparing for our program!
The program, entitled "We're Making Music" on February 19, 2015, will feature each class in a song on the riser grouping for prime photo opportunities for parents! But as I constantly remind the kids, everyone sings every song! More information will be sent via Infinite Campus when the program time is closer!!

2nd grade classes are delving a bit deeper into the rhythm concept! I'm loving that we can use the iPads for worksheets and practice! It saves a LOT of trees!  :)
Program preparation is also happening for 2nd graders!  Entitled "Winter Days", the program will be presented on February 24, 2015.  As with the 1st graders each 2nd grade class will be featured on the riser grouping. I'm also putting together something new for the "finale"....

Stay tuned!!!