Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Music That Helps To Tell A Story- 2nd Grade

Music That Helps To Tell A Story is one of my favorite units!
2nd graders started by adding instruments 
to the familiar story "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" to create a sound story.

Our next activity was to listen to the Book/CD of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokoviev.
Students were able to identify the instruments used to portray the character themes and connect 
this to the learning they did in our Instrument Family Unit.
Currently they are viewing "Peter and the Wolf" movie by Chuck Jones, which was an Emmy Award Winner. Again, students are making wonderful connections with things they've already learned!
I'll be using a Kahoot to check for understanding at the end of our Peter and The Wolf activities.

We will be doing more in depth discussions of the role music plays in films.
We'll also explore what kinds of clues music can give to help a story.
I'll be adding music from the Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky to my reading of 
"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.
This book is familiar to many students, and they compare their prior experiences with this book with the experience of added music.
Finally, they will hear music from the same orchestral work in Fantasia 2000 and discuss how the same music helped to tell two very different stories.
I plan to use FlipGrid again for feedback from the students.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Music Opposites in First Grade!

 First Graders have been learning about music opposites, 
and using movements to show understanding. 
This has been a lot of fun, and most likely one of the easiest assessments that they'll experience!

They have especially enjoyed K8 Music Videos that illustrate opposites with engaging songs.

 Presto Largo

Major Minor

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Solfege for Kindergarten Kids

Kindergarten: Solfege, Boomwhackers and the "Sound of Music"

The Kindergarten Kids have been learning to sing with solfege, 
which are the Kodaly syllables and hand signs for singing. 
Activities have included selected clips from "The Sound of Music"; 
playing with Boomwhackers (pitched tube instruments);
The book "Tap The Magic Tree" and Apple Tree, a circle game with a sol-mi-do song;
and the interactive white board program "Maestro Maestro" (sol-mi-do singing while learning instrument families).

Kindergarten kids have been singing many "I Sing, You Sing" songs, as well as seasonal songs from 
K8 Music/Plank Road Publishing. There is always movement incorporated. We also explore the software "Groovy Shapes by Sibelius on our Smart Board, which introduces many music concepts in engaging ways.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Thank you Guest Musicians!

2nd graders had a wonderful opportunity to hear from some very talented guest musicians this past rotation! Huge thanks go out to Dr. Andrew Briddell, Andrea Barnes, Debra Vaughan, Chris Landerud, Melissa Soto, Bill Fuller, Tom Niebauer, and Chris Matz for sharing their love of music with my students!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

African Music Unit for First Grade

Sound Story "Ananse and the Sticky Glue"

Obwisanna Song and Game

The end of the Lion Game

Experiencing African Musical Instruments

First graders really enjoyed the African Music Unit! 
We talked about how children in Africa don't need expensive toys to have fun...and we don't either!  :) Today a staff member told me that she saw a few first grade girls sitting in a circle yesterday at recess playing Obwisanna! That made my day, as it shows a connection outside of music class!  :)
Sound stories are always fun, and the students loved experiencing/playing the African Musical Instruments.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Under "Kid" Struction This Year!

Starting my 6th year here in McFarland it's
so exciting to see changes every day with our construction!
Even more exciting to reconnect with 1st and 2nd graders and meet new kindergarten kids!

In Music Classes:
2nd grade: Beginning the Instrument Families of the Orchestra Unit
1st grade: Beginning the African Music Unit
5K: Beginning the Nursery Rhyme Unit

Sometimes students will ask me what my favorite thing to teach is, and I have to say "all of it!"
I have fun with all of the units I've created around the core concepts.
 It is my goal to teach the children  musical skills and above all the love of music activities 
to grow life long enjoyment of music!

2nd Graders Begin Exploration of Instrument Families

In second grade music classes we are learning about the instrument families of the orchestra. This website presents the concept in an engaging and fun way.  
Students are welcome to explore this at home, and can register for a free account.

By creating their own "secret name", password, and hint, students are able to experience all of this for themselves. This is an advantage because we take turns when we are learning as a class.