Thursday, March 12, 2015

2nd graders' Poetry Project

The second grade team asked me to collaborate on a project with adding instrument sounds to a poem. Each class has chosen instruments to correspond with words in the poem, and are being filmed in their groups performing. It's been a great learning experience for all!

5K Is Exploring "Carnival of the Animals"

We are listening to the 14 pieces that make up "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint Saens, and guessing which animal the music could represent. Sometimes they are right on with their guess!
They love seeing the "reveal" for each! We will be doing a few other activities and having a coloring packet to take home.

Monday, March 2, 2015

5K Kids are Rhythm Composers!

One of our Rhythm Composers

The class claps and says the rhythm pattern that was composed.

The 5K kids have learned about quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth note pairs.
They have taken turns composing 4 beat rhythm patterns for the class to clap and say.
We say "ta" for quarter notes, and clap once. We say "shh" for quarter rests and have our hands out, and we say "ti ti" for eighth note pairs and clap twice. Each of these has the value of one beat.
The students have had fun with this!

Official Videos from the Second Grade Program

Thanks to Mr. Steve Pennekamp and the McFarland School District AV Department for these videos of our program!!

5:30 Performance
Mrs. Wisniewski's, Mrs. Jefferson's, Ms. Schmidt's and Ms. Bailey's classes

6:30 Performance
Mrs. Adams', Mrs. Garvoille's, Mrs. Huber Drake's and Mr. Paley's classes

Official Videos from the First Grade Program

Thanks to the McFarland District AV Department, we have videos to share!  :)

5:30 Performance
Mrs. Rotunno's, Mrs. Knapp's, Mrs. Brezenki's and Mrs. Froden's classes.

6:30 Performance
Mrs.Mandli's, Mrs. Schimanski's, Mrs. Rowley's and Mrs.Juszczyk's classes.