Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Treble Clef Staff Unit = Fun Activities in 1st and 2nd grade

The Freddie the Frog books by Sharon Burch give an excellent introduction to the Treble Clef Staff.
The 1st graders really enjoyed learning with these stories!

 1st graders also enjoyed the Bean Bag Toss game on the Treble Clef Staff on our carpet.
It was a team game where the "contestant" needed to name the note where their bean bag landed.

2nd graders participated in a class note naming competition. The class who held the highest percentage at the end of the 4 week activity wins a Music Reward Day later this month.

 iPads were used in notation and note spelling activities and also in our Silly Staff game.

Students were really engaged in this unit, and have shown great improvement in their note naming skills! I am very pleased with what they've accomplished!

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