Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sneak Peek at Kindergarten Program

Thursday, April 24 is the date!  My kindergarten friends are working hard to have their program "The Seasons of Kindergarten" ready for the performance!
The 5:30 performance includes these classes:  Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Heim, and Mrs. Mosso.
The 6:30 performance includes these classes:  Mrs. Dettlaff, Mrs. Kuehl, Mrs. Marking and Mrs. Paugel.
Both performances will be held in the McFarland Primary School Gym (the school is located directly behind CE), and students will meet up with their class in the following locations:
ART ROOM at MPS:  Gray, Mosso, (5:15)   Dettlaff, Marking (6:15)
MUSIC ROOM at MPS:  Cook, Heim  (5:15)  Kuehl, Paugel  (6:15)
Parents, please take your child's coat into the gym with you.
Each class will be visibly featured in one of the program songs (though all students sing all songs).
Dress for the occasion is at parent's discretion, keeping in mind that the student will be sitting on the carpeted gym floor during much of the program.
I am so excited that it is almost here!!

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