Monday, March 31, 2014

Rhythm Unit I CAN statements

With the conclusion of our rhythm unit, these are the "I CAN" statements for the first and second graders.
The Kindergarten kids had a brief introduction to the quarter note, quarter rest, and beamed eighth notes, and learned about clapping and "saying" the rhythms (ta, shh, ti-ti)  They also were "composers of rhythm".
While many of the same music concepts are taught each year, I use some different activities to deepen the students' knowledge, understanding and application as they progress through CE/MPS.

Here's a sneak peek at our next concept... Note Reading on the Treble Clef Staff!

I've found that Go Animate is a great tool for creating engaging content delivery!

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  1. Very cool Kathy! How long are the videos taking to create? You may also want to explore a site called They have education accounts available now. Very similar to GoAnimate, but many options to choose from.
    Hope you are doing well!