Sunday, June 2, 2013

Music Reward Day Exceeded Expectations!

I looked at it as an experiment...see how it goes...this "reward day" for the classes who won the Note Trainer Class competition.
I prepared the music room for multiple "station" activities that the kids had really liked.  "King/Queen of the Mountain" Rhythm game, "Silly Staff" Note-Reading game, music apps on the iPad, coloring sheets, and on the laptop.

When the students came in I explained each station, and the number of participants I expected at each. I let them know that voice level needed to be no higher than a 3.  And it began...

What I observed were students engaged in the activities, leading the games, helping each other, empowered, and having fun!  Safe, Kind, and Responsible!  Truly Spartan Music Stars!!
They exceeded my expectations in EVERY way!  :)  So very proud!!!

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